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our Customers

The satisfaction of our customers reflects our mutual success. We are now working with customers from 13 EU countries as well as from Turkey and Serbia who trust in our expertise and our know-how.







our benefit

  • Professional staff trained as quality managers
  • Technical / medical specialist
  • Several years of experience in the industries
  • Reliability and flexibility
  • Fair, transparent and competitive marking prices

Our success depends also the direct contact with the office of the Chinese authorities which enables us to obtain advantages in saving costs and time.

CCC certification including CQC / CCAP voluntary certification

  • Supports the submitting of the application dossier for the certification
  • Supports the the application documentations preparation
  • Supports the testing sample selection and transportation
  • Handles the Chinese customs formalities
  • Coordination of the tests
  • Supports the preparation of the factory inspection incl. establishing the required documents
  • Coordination of the factory inspection
  • Supports on-site factory inspection

CCC self-declaration

  • Supports the preparation for the required documents
  • Supports the testing sample selection and transportation
  • Coordination of the customs clearance of the test samples in China including customs broker, taxes and customs
  • Coordination of all tests
  • Registration and application in SDOC (Supplier Declaration of Conformity) system
  • Supports the factory inspection to reduce the risks for manufacturers and applicants

NMPA (National Medical Product Administration) approval

  • Supports registration strategy & product grouping
  • Supports establishment of declaration documents
  • Supports the clinical evaluating if necessary
  • Coordinates the type test if necessary
  • Supports submitting the application documentations
  • Communication with the admission offices if further questions need to be answered